centeralized server

Fraud Detection

Transaction History

Pharmacists and assistants can easily pull a patient's transaction history. This allows them to verify quickly if the patient has indeed picked up his prescription. All the details of the prescription is there including when it was picked up.

Reconcilement at PhilHealth

Philhealth can now easily reconcile all prescriptions claims by a pharmacy against their transaction records all through the MedRx transaction hub. This effort not only saves time but saves money by not having to have extra staff to process reconcilements both on the pharmacy and on Philhealth's side.

This cuts down the time to process the claims and get the money back to the pharmacies quickly.

SMS Notifications

MedRx notifies both the patient when the prescription is ready and available for pickup and when it has been picked up. This gives the patient a peace of mind that their medicine is always in good hands. If a patient received a text message knowing that they did not have anyone else to pick up the patient, its an instant red flag that someone has now impersonating them and picking up their medications.

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